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DataFlair Web Services is a leading provider of online training in niche technologies like Big data-Hadoop, Spark and Scala, HBase, Kafka, Storm, etc. We aim to reach the mass through our unique pedagogy model for Self-paced learning and Instructor-led learning that includes personalized guidance, lifetime course access, 24 x 7 support, live project, resume and interview preparation and ready to work level learning. We aim to provide real-time technical experience to learners through our expert instructors.

HDFS Disk Balancer - Learn how to Balance Data on DataNode - DataFlair

Hadoop HDFS Disk Balancer tutorial - learn balancing of data on DataNode, Intra-data node balancer in Hadoop Diskbalancer, operation & abilities oh HDFS balancer

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/hadoop-hdfs-disk-balancer

HDFS Erasure Coding in Big Data Hadoop - An Introduction - DataFlair

HDFS Erasure Coding in Hadoop tutorial covers what is erasure coding, need of HDFS erasure coding, HDFS erasure coding advantages,Reed-Solomon,XOR Algorithm in HDFS

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/hadoop-hdfs-erasure-coding

Android UI Testing - Explore the Top 5 Testing Tools in Android! - DataFlair

By this article, learn the concept of Android UI Testing, methods of testing & explore the top 5 tools of Android UI Testing with their features & cons.

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/android-ui-testing

Java Array - An Ultimate Guide for a Beginner - TechVidvan

Get to know in detail about Java Array & its 2 types. Also, learn how to access an array & the 5 methods of Array in Java explained with coding examples.

Source: http://techvidvan.com/tutorials/java-array

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning - TechVidvan

Know the advantages and disadvantages of Machine Learning to have a clear picture of ML. This will help you in proper decision making, algorithm designing, etc.

Source: http://techvidvan.com/tutorials/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-machine-learning

Top Android UI Controls that you must know about! - DataFlair

Android UI Controls are those components that are used to design the UI in a more interactive way. Explore the different types of Android UI Controls along with their working and their functions.

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/android-ui-controls

Tableau Reporting - 'Coz the ball's in your court with Tableau Report - DataFlair

Understand the concept of Tableau reporting and learn to create reports in Tableau. Also, see what are the best practices for reporting in Tableau.

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/tableau-reporting

Java Number - Explore the Different Number Methods with Syntax! - TechVidvan

Explore in detail the concept of Java Number & learn the 6 different methods of number in Java explained with the help of syntax that will help you further in your Java programming.

Source: http://techvidvan.com/tutorials/java-number

How to Become A Data Scientist - The perfect road map - TechVidvan

Learn how to become a Data Scientist with us. Also, know what skills are required for becoming a Data Scientist with proper career guidance.

Source: http://techvidvan.com/tutorials/how-to-become-a-data-scientist

Decision Making in Java - Explore the types of Statements with Syntax - TechVidvan

Understand the concept of Decision Making in Java & explore the different types of Decision Making Statements in Java, explained with their subcategories and syntax.

Source: http://techvidvan.com/tutorials/decision-making-in-java

Date Functions in Tableau - Time to manipulate date values - DataFlair

Learn the concept of date functions in Tableau with its use. Also, get to know about its types, interpretation of date fields and learn to create Tableau date functions.

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/tableau-date-functions

The Future of Machine Learning - Time Travel into the future

Check out this article and explore what could be the possible future of Machine Learning in various fields with the help of the research done by our experts.

Source: http://techvidvan.com/tutorials/future-of-machine-learning

Top Features of HDFS – An Overview for Beginners - DataFlair

Explore key features of Hadoop HDFS - scalability, reliability, data replication in Hadoop, HDFS high availability, fault tolerance in Hadoop & many more.

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/features-of-hadoop-hdfs

Data Read Operation in HDFS - A Quick HDFS Guide - DataFlair

Explore data read operation in HDFS, internals of HDFS read operation, HDFS client interaction with namenode & Datanode, & HDFS read operations with example

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/hdfs-data-read-operation

HDFS Data Write Operation - Anatomy of file write in Hadoop - DataFlair

what is HDFS data write operation, HDFS write pipeline, file write process in Hadoop, the interaction of Client with NameNode&datanode with HDFS video tutorial.

Source: http://data-flair.training/blogs/hdfs-data-write-operation

Java Strings - Learn the Essential Methods with its Syntax! - TechVidvan

Explore the concept of Java Strings in detail along with the different methods of strings in Java with syntax. And learn how to work with strings in Java.

Source: http://techvidvan.com/tutorials/java-strings